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19th August 2014

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Song: Only Time Will Tell
Artist: Ivan B
Album: The Pursuit

18th August 2014

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let me lay down some facts for you:

  • aliens are real
  • horoscopes are real
  • skeletons are real
  • star wars is probably real
  • linkin park is almost too real

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16th August 2014

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Seven Lions ft. Kerli - Worlds Apart


15th August 2014

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14th August 2014

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This album is ridiculous.

Song: Years of War (feat Brianne Duren and Sean Caskey)

Artist: Porter Robinson

Album: Worlds

12th August 2014

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why is there ham on this cat


why is there ham on this cat

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10th August 2014

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8th August 2014

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Elijah Blake - Give Me U (Produced By Corin Roddick of Purity Ring)

31st July 2014

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My “Volvo guys do it safer” sticker

Girl in 4runner next to me: *leans out passenger of window* “Your sticker is gay.”

Me: *turns down music* “What was that?”

Girl: “Your sticker is GAY.”

Me: “Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine? “

Girl: “Why would you be proud of driving a Volvo?”

Me: “It could be worse. I could be driving a shitty 4runner.”

Girl: *whispers to friends. rolls up window. 4runner drives away.*

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29th July 2014

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Ivan B - About You (prod. Tido Vegas)